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I discovered my passion for health and fitness following my own personal journey of losing weight and getting fit in my early 20's. As a teenager I was too intimidated to go inside the gym, so I understand how this can become a barrier to training.

I know that everyone has to start somewhere and I don't judge on anyone's ability. I started changing my life one step at a time and as my weight was falling and my fitness increasing, I soon realised that I wanted to help other people do the same. I learned that exercising and healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore.

Call Oliver on: 07411 330674
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Hi there, I'm committed to forming solid relationships with clients who are looking reach a goal they had set themselves. I am always on hand for guidance and want to help you make the best lifestyle changes to enable healthy habits.

Modern life is so full of external pressures, like the social media pressure of conforming to a set version of beauty or success but does that make you happy. Training with me will put you back in touch with what it means to be a human being rather than a human doing, I put the fun back into exercise.

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I am absolutely fascinated with the human body and how and what makes it tick. Health and fitness is a huge passion of mine, particularly in women as our fitness levels and capabilities have specific needs.

I specialise in weight loss and body sculpting and am currently studying for my level 4 diploma within nutrition and always aim to keep up with ever growing fitness trends.


From long distance running as a teenager to CrossFit training I am very versatile in my training methods.

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